Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nature's Play Station

Built a torch with nuclear fusion
dazzles, with its light and shine
The savior, we call it the SUN

Spinned a ball in slow motion
has most of resources in dearth
The mother, we call it the Earth

Designed a natural blowing fan
the extreme speed ,no one to contend
The speedster, we call it the Wind

Created a sprinkler with mineral water
Sprays uniformly on both sea and terrain
The curator,we call it the Rain

Produced a versatile magic stick
fulfills every want
The sacrifier, we call it Plant

On this playground with spotlight
gave rise to innocent,sensitive feebles
The unfortunates,we call them the Animals

Finally gave birth to a creature
with selfish,cruel and cunning brain
The destroyer,we call them the Human??

The Human betraying his builder
performing nuclear fission
will suicide with his mission.

Written By :Mahendra Apte