Plant Industry

     Hello guys i am always a straight forward person..
     so no big stories and all. Always in life thought about this,

     There are every type of industries available in this world,
     But no one is ready to take up a initiative to build a plantation industry,

     looks crazzy, but now a days required. There should be
     some R & D in this.and one social responsiblity
     to run this kind of industry.

     where there will be targets for planting trees 
     there should be maintenance department,

     the timber industry,paper industry should pay for plantation industry
     this should be revenue.

     Dont know when this will happen but one day humans will be enforced 
     to open such industry..but there will be too little time remained for us..
     Just wake up think..think..


  1. ya mamu good plan.Plantation industry should begin from home itself.. so Whoever come across this blog and please think seriously and step forward to plant tress around your locality this will be a steping stone in future.