Friday, April 29, 2011

This was a challenge given to me by my colleague few days ago He told me there are some rows in a table which are identical Not a single field change. but I want to delete all the other rows.. and Keep Only one intact This is what i did

declare @var as int
select @var=(cast(count(empid) as int)) from city where city='bengal' and empid=3
delete top(@var-1)city from city where city='bengal' and empid=3

--here city is table name and there are 2 columns empid and city. --In sql server 2005 and above you can do by following way

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Smart Grid for India

With Smart Grid taking center stage on most media platform including YouTube, SmartGridIndia has selected 10 most interesting Smart Grid videos from Youtube that are worth watching. Check out this 10 videos!

1) Smart Grid Intelligent Energy use - One of the earliest video about Smart Grid introduction

2) How Smart Grid will power electric cars by Siemens

3) A completed Smart Grid demonstration video by KEPCO

4) How Smart Grid improves reliability through Virtual Power Plant by EPRI

5) The working of Smart Grid and its benefits

 6) The complete understanding of Smart Grid by GE

7) Smart Grid informative video by Cisco

8) Microgrid and the role of storage by AltairNano

9) Smart Grid Pilot video by AEP

10) Working of Smart Grid - Simple way